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Rainbow Slide Ride
Rainbow Slide Ride
Rainbow Slide Ride
Rainbow Slide Ride

Rainbow Slide Ride

Product Category:New rides

Outdoor family game amusement park rainbow slide is a popular amusement project for kids and adult,it has the change of speed and the feeling of weight loss. The game is more abundant. It can be designed as a long distance slide, which can be 150-1000m long. Similarly, the track can also be a single track (2m wide), a double track (3.5m wide) and a multi-person track.

The rainbow slope slide contains the main material rainbow dry snow slide block (or high-end dry snow blanket), the auxiliary material includes protection edge, expansion bolt, buffer lawn, anti-collision protection, etc. The supporting facilities include the ring conveyor, inflatable bag, maintenance machine, cleaning equipment, and the equipment includes the snow ring.

Rainbow Dry Snow Slide product features:
1.Let the skiing fun be enjoyed in the same area without natural snow.
2.Reduce the dependence of the ski resort on the weather, extend the operating period of the ski resort, and become a ski resort operated by the four seasons.
3.Enhance the brand of the resort and give full play to the effectiveness and value of the existing facilities and equipment in the resort.
4.long service life, in line with the trend of tourism development, less investment, quick results, low operating costs.
Rainbow Slide Ride
MaterialPP or HDPE
Capacitydouble track (3.5m wide)
Gradient 13-30°
Slide numberUsual 2-5
Ground hardenUsual 10 cm
Suitable ageKids and adult


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