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the newest design self control plane of super swing

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             the newest design self control plane of super swing 

The latest amusement rides of rotate equipment rides rotary space shuttle.The equipment  self control plane can be adjusted with the age of the different levels of travel speed.The airplane ride is hot and popular in amusement parks and outdoor playground places.It is a kind of rotary type amusement equipment.

Passengers can control the spacecraft by manipulating the handle up and down.  It is a kind of rotary type amusement equipment. Passenger can rotate 360 degrees by using steering wheel to find and shoot the target spacecraft.Interstellar Hawk is the newest kind of amusement equipment developed by our company.It is a kind of free amusement equipment that revolves around the vertical axis center and rises and goes up and down.The shape like the castle with the birds. This equipmnet is up and down rotation,and self-control function.With the shooting game ,and make kiddie play merrily.

The super swing of amusement rides has gorgeous colorful lamp decoration,realistic and exciting air combar sound effect.It has the adventure of high-altitude cloud driving,the leisurely freedom,is a lind of mdern amusement facilities which the tourists can control themselves. self control rides also injects the handles to move up and down during the operation process,as if riding in The airship flies in space and has the feeling of dancing in the air. It gives passengers a unique new seat experience and is an excellent investment option for amusement facilities.

Technical Parameters

Name Prodigy self control plane
Brand Prodigy
Power 12kw
Height 6m
Voltage 380v
MaterialFRP + steel

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