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amusement rides pirate ship for sale

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                        amusement rides pirate ship for sale


Pirate ship is the most popular amusement rides in the theme park. The newest design 8 seats /12 seats /24 Seats/32 seats factory direct amusement park ride pirate ship is designed for family. Theme park ,recreation ground ,playground,amusement park,recreation facility .read attraction,entertainment projects .with the slow swing back and forth,passengers enjoys themselves among waves of the sea.they fell like sailing in a dangerous environment. suddenly rise up and touch down.their experiences are thrilling and exciting .

There are many choices on colors and designs.We are the lowest prices and high quality direct china amusement rides


Pirate ship is the main item in modern playgrounds and the most welcomed rides in amusement park. It has the advantages of small investment and quick return. Our company's pirate ship rides includes adult models and children models. There are 16,24 and 40 seats for adult pirate ship.And 8-12 seats for children pirate ship.The styles can be customized according to customer's  needs.

As the most common amusement equipment in amusement park, pirate ship seems to be in the sea, imagining the ups and downs of the ships. Safety cable protects people's safety


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