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contactless body temperature measuring gate

  • Datetime:2020-04-10 10:28:40
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             contactless body temperature measuring gate 

temperature measurement can be used to establish the first line of defense through accurate matching of personnel and temperature; rapid screening can effectively reduce the detection workload and improve efficiency.  

ParameterContactless body temperature measuring gate intelligent Body Temperature Instrument for sale









Chanel size:


Net weight:


Working environment:

0℃- +45℃

Advantage Contactless body temperature measuring gate intelligent Body Temperature Instrument for sale   

1.Non-sensing temperature: Contactless and non-sensing temperature measurement, real-time body temperature monitoring when person pass through security gates, response time <0.5s;

2.Temperature accuracy: ± 0.2 ℃, measurement distance: within 0.5 meters, measurement height: 1.5 meters or more (multi-array configuration can be used for any height, if there are other requirements for height, can be customized);

3.Temperature monitoring: The safety temperature threshold can be set. If the threshold is exceeded, the audible and visual alarm will be warning at the security gate, and the first line of defense will be established. The audible and visual alarm will be screened if the body temperature is higher than 37.3 ℃.


ApplicationContactless body temperature measuring gate intelligent Body Temperature Instrument for sale

Industrial and mining enterprises, schools, institutions, shopping malls and supermarkets, scenic areaplaygrounds, stations and airports, subways, various exhibitions and other public places with a lot of people.

FeaturesContactless body temperature measuring gate intelligent Body Temperature Instrument for sale

1.Multi-frequency work strong anti-interference performance;

2.Modular design, plug and play, easy to install and troubleshoot;

3.International leading digital pulse technology with stable performance;

4.Restore factory settings with one click;

5.It is easy to operate with the remote control


Function Contactless body temperature measuring gate intelligent Body Temperature Instrument for sale

1.Chinese and English display: you can choose the corresponding language according to your needs.

2.LCD backlight: 0-99S, display time is continuously adjustable.

3.Self-diagnostic function: Built-in self-diagnostic program, self-check at power-on, error prompts when errors occur.

4.Anti-interference: With DSP (Digital filters&signal processing)system, it has excellent anti-electromagnetic interference and strong touch and collision resistance ability. It can operate normally under crowded conditions.

5.Circuit characteristics: Composite circuit design can effectively reduce false positives and false negatives, intelligent passenger flow and alarm counting function, can record 20,000 times and automatically save.

6.Alarm setting: simultaneous sound and light alarm, 1-25S alarm time, 255-level volume adjustable, 11-level tone adjustable.

7.Passing speed: It can be adjusted down from the fastest 100 people / minute, and the detection speed can be customized.

8.Perpetual calendar: can display year, month, day, hour and minute.

9.Restore settings: Restore factory settings and restore initial data.

10.Application setting: select the speed and sensitivity of the environment quickly

11.Waterproof design: It adopts imported waterproof synthetic fiber material, which is made by precise processing technology, and it is rainproof and dust-proof.

12.Easy installation: The product is integrated design, and it only takes 20 minutes to install or remove it.

13.Password protection setting: It can be managed easily-with password protection function, parameters can only be modified by entering the correct password. Non-operators cannot change the security door parameter settings.

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