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amusement equipment coffee cup rides

  • Datetime:2020-04-10 14:21:04
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As we all know, women are made of water, and each of us needs to drink eight glasses of water every day, so is it pleasant to have a fashionable, lovely and novel water cup? Have you ever seen a recreational device like a coffee cup.



Most popular amusement park coffee cup rides .coffer cups rides have a capacity of 36/48 persons.when the whole machine spins. each cockpit can be rotated as well.hold the central sticks bring the thrill and happiness for kids and adults.Tea cup ride is a creative amusement equipment and have a beautiful appearance design.

Playing this kind of coffee cup amusement equipment can make us happy. Our company produces many kinds of different types of products, such as, carousel , pirate ship, self control plane, inflatable equipment . there is always a product you want.



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