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Disco Tagada Rides
Disco Tagada Rides
Disco Tagada Rides
Disco Tagada Rides

Disco Tagada Rides

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Tagada turntable rides is a large disk, it can roll,turn to do a dozen movement. Tourists sitting on a large Tagada disco rides, accompanied by rich music festival. body movement along with the disc. attractive theme park equipment mini disco Tagada is one high-speed rotary play equipment. its luxuriously decorated, handsome in appearance, super in entertainment and ornamental. It is a popular game in theme park and children playground.there is a little door in the can protect people's safety.the divice spins a bit like a gyro.when the night comes,the disco tagada is full of light.make people dizzy.


DimensionL4.6* W4.2*H2.7m


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Disco Tagada
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