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42M Ferris Wheel
42M Ferris Wheel
42M Ferris Wheel
42M Ferris Wheel

42M Ferris Wheel

Product Category:Ferris Wheel

The latest direct factory price of most popular mini carousel in amusement rides. amusement park ferris wheel games is the Portable park rides for all people.Amusement park equipment have suspend basket type, pedal type 6 cabinets and 24p capacity.The cabinets on the equipment like suspended basket.broaden our horizon and view of the beautiful scenery.

The ferris wheel is a large wheel-shaped mechanical building facility. Hanging on the edge of the wheel is a passenger cabin or Gondola. Passengers sit on the Ferris wheel and turn up slowly, they can overlook the surroundings from a height. The most common ferris wheel generally appears in amusement parks or theme parks and garden games. As a kind of playground mobile game, it is called "paradise three treasures" with roller coaster and carousel.

Area:28m × 22m
Machine height:42m

Wheel diameter



Each cabin 



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Ferris Wheel
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